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What can an actor teach you about communicating (more) authentically?

In preparation for our next teleclass, I thought I would ask our guest Simon Heath the tough questions – like ‘who do you think you are?’ and ‘why should anyone listen to you?’ I mean, he’s an actor (among other things) – don’t they ‘lie’ for a living?

Well, rather than paraphrase, I thought you’d want to see his answers in his own words…

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Nothing Short of Exceptional

How many times has someone given you a compliment, and you just shrugged it off, saying “It’s nothing”? Well, maybe it’s not nothing after all…

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Hack into your Essential Message

Yes, it involves creative, divergent ‘what if?’ trial and error.  And yes, it involves dogged determination until you find and successfully exploit a specific opportunity.

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What does your Linkedin profile really say about you?

I am constantly amazed at how few people use the ‘headline’ field of their profile. This is like answering the question, ‘what do you do?’ with a blank stare.

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Impact Statements & Persuasion Drivers

How do you cultivate an ability to connect with others in person, on the web, or through your marketing materials? How do you know how compelling your message will be to other people? Or how your team will respond to your leadership?

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